Stirred tank mixing chemical industry, high quality

Stirred tank mixing what is the chemical?

Stirred tank mixing chemicals used in industry, with functions for mixing liquid solution, which is mainly used in industry, chemical manufacturing, and food.

Stirrer mixer chemicals comprise motors, wings, stir, racks and gearboxes. In that, the stirring is the most important part, the decision to chemical can be mixed evenly or not. Materials fabricated wings stirring often is stainless steel to resist the effects of chemicals.

The requirements set out for stirred tank chemical mixing.

Requirements set out for stirred tank mixing chemicals is the chemicals should be thoroughly mixed, not matched or fell out. Besides, the tank must also be durable and used for a long time. So that the designers had built the wings stir the form of duck feet form the turbine and shape anchor to chemicals that are stir.

The deceleration effect, adjust the speed of the motor according to the will of humans, help chemicals being scattered out. In addition, the septum from sheet 2 to 6 well plates are designed to the solution is evenly.

Should buy stirred tank mixing chemical industry now?

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